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Open innovation for AI service for Edge computing

Developed business plan with R&D plan for launching AI service Edge computing, coordinating collaboration with top-notch researchers with state-of-art AI technologies in top-rank universities. 

Grant for this project was also successfully approved, which mitigate risk of open innovation among all players. 

Growth Strategy for high-speed computing company

Created mid-term growth plan by re-defining core value along with current market paradigms, and solidifying its core value with multiple new technology seeds to invest. 

Along with it, the client moves forward to renew their business domains fit with current market demands.

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Business Creation of AI diagnosis service

Collaborating with a top-notch medical school of university, developed AI diagnosis technology applied for specific part of human body. Created unique business plan for the fastest market entry to aim at hegemony in the area.

Such business creation is not paper-work, but with solid technology development and networking to realize the business plan.

Growth Hack for SaaS business

Planned growth hack with OKR (Objective- Key Result) based on mingled experiences at SaaS giants. 

Growth Hack is not linear but with step changes in phases. BLUE PARADIGM will design the gear shift to maximize ROI and growth at every moment. 

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