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Paradigm of Business Today will be Over.


Business Creation

With experiences of developing billion dollar business, BLUE PARADIGM will support clients to develop disruptive big business from viewpoints of technology to marketing growth hack in a new business and technology paradigm coming. 

Growth Strategy

BLUE PARADIGM supports clients to find growing paths for new IT and geographical paradigm in McKinsey ways. Create corporate strategy with deep technology and IT knowledge, and M&A experiences.


Open Innovation

Disruptive innovation could be from combination of edgy technology with another. Disruptive service could come from marriage of edgy technology with large customer base of a service. BLUE PARADIGM will ground design the best open innovation format .



New AI & IoT platforms are set to re-write winning models and winners in every industry for next decades. 

BLUE PARADIGM navigates companies to find new paradigm for them where they can spearhead and grow their business.

With unique insights cultivated at McKinsey & Company & Rakuten, BLUE PARADIGM will hybrid strategy of green field innovation, open innovation, growth hack and M&A so that clients take the most efficient and fruitful paths and mitigate risk in their business transition, with deep knowledge of IT and AI technology as well as M&A and strategic insights of industries in US and Japan.


Foster City, CA

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